Society Awards–of Emmy, Golden Globe and MTV VMA Moonman award statuette fame–is a long-time Viceroy client who came to us looking for upgraded branding to match their premium positioning. Exceptional growth was pushing them into the next business stage. The decision was aided by the imminent release of a new, exclusive product line to the public.

Viceroy started with the goal of establishing Society as a recognizable premium brand for awards. There are no other premium awards companies, only premium companies that also offer awards (e.g., Tiffany & Co). Creating a recognizable brand would become very important as the company released their new product line. Their image would need to properly communicate the prestigious provenance and high-end client experience. Messaging needed to be mysterious and aspirational, while maintaining an air of calculated approachability. There is a great amount of allure and mystery in what Society Awards does; they wanted the public to continue to think: “how do they do that?”

Viceroy designed the logo to be unique and timeless using a filigree-inspired design to represent the craft and detail without feeling old. The brand’s new color palette is limited primarily to black, white and gold as a nod to timeless black tie luxury. Gold, most importantly, signifies winning - the best. Across all points of contact, the key was to express the white glove level of service offered by Society Awards.

Translating this white glove experience to digital was a meticulous, yearlong effort of the Viceroy creative team. Implementation of a modern parallax design with simple navigation provides an engaging user experience. As visitors scroll down, they are led through the Society Awards story. The flowing brand story is punctuated with custom photography. These rich images merge the luxury of Society Awards creations with the sensuality of the female form and illustrate the covetous human interaction. These products have their moment in the spotlight before retiring to a shelf, and it is then, in a person’s hands, when they shine first and brightest. A slim sans-serif font was chosen to highlight clean modernity and structure within the core text, while a modern serif was used throughout headings for contrast and navigation. An e-commerce site was also built out using principles and inspiration from the high-end fashion brands. Customers can even customize the product from the website. To visitors of the Society Awards site, all that the brand stands for is immediately apparent: luxury, finesse and impeccable presentation. Viceroy implemented the new brand identity across all digital assets as well as a range of physical collateral.

To introduce to clients a new and exclusive product line of semi-custom luxury awards, Viceroy developed a luxurious catalog. The catalog arrives in an unmistakable shining gold foil envelope. Inside, fresh layouts with images inspired by travel and architecture coordinate with the unique attributes of each award. On the front cover a large image of the Society Angel is embossed, spot varnished and brought to life against the matte white soft-touch paper. Product descriptions reinforce the experience with information about the fine materials, intricate processes and luxurious textures that cannot be fully appreciated through the stunning images alone.

From the outset of the business card redesign, it was clear that card stock, in any form, would be insufficient to accurately communicate the permanence and luxury of the Society Awards product. We chose to create a metal card plated in gold. The top and bottom of the card are flanked by bands of die-cut swirls that mimic the SA logo.

Even in the stationary, we chose luxurious details. The notecards and envelopes are produced in thick, white card stock. The writing field of the notecard is punctuated with the Society Awards logo at top center and signature fleur-de-lis pattern in the lower right, both in stamped gold foil. The envelope flap is also finished in gold foil with a signature Society Awards “S” monogram in white.

The final piece of luxurious collateral that Viceroy designed is the Society Awards “dagger” letter opener. As a gift to clients, the dagger creates front-of-mind brand awareness. The gold “blade” of the dagger is lined with a trail of dazzling black zirconia crystals. The dagger’s handle shape is a brand signature—the fleur-de-lis. The handle is finished in dark gunmetal and impressed with the SA logo.

Society Awards’ new look evoked luxury and mystique across all facets including web, corporate identity, collateral and packaging. Viceroy’s approach was comprehensive and took into consideration all of the points of contact to ensure that the client would be armed with the quality materials and messaging to create the desired refinement. This project garnered many awards – the only awards company able to win the awards it makes.