SKYY vodka has a reputation for West Coast coolness, a fresh smooth attitude, and an independent spirit epitomized by their striking and singular tall blue bottle. They came to Viceroy after the success of the SKYY Velvet holiday promotion we’d created, looking to increase their on-premise presence with a concept that matched the pulse and rhythm of the club scene. We came back with more than an up-tempo package design; we presented an experience that confirmed the brand could still dance to its own beat.

Some super-premium brands and champagnes have embedded super thin LED lights in spirit labels, making these illuminated bottles stand out on the back bar in dark clubs. We decided to take this trend umpteen-steps forward. What if we could turn the lights into a graphic and incorporate an actual LED equalizer into the label that would flash in time to the beat of music? SKYY wouldn’t just be a standout on a shelf—it would be an actual participant in the club scene. It would attract attention, garner surprised smiles and thoroughly solidify SKYY’s cool factor and insider cred with their key audience.

Turning the label into an equalizer meant incorporating a sound-sensing microphone within the bottle, as well as electronic circuitry, a power switch plus the batteries necessary to bring it all to life. Viceroy proposed creating a transparent blue sub-base where all the electrifying elements could be housed. We envisaged the technology, engineered the design, and oversaw the production of over a hundred thousand models, and made sure SKYY’s assembly line in Tennessee could adapt the bottles to include the base and apply the LED-equalizer label easily, efficiently, and cost-effectively. The result wasn’t a flashing label. It wasn’t a toy, or a trick of the eye but a genuine electronic experience.

The SKYY ELECTRIFYY launch was timed to coincide with SKYY’s new advertising campaign which focused on the brand’s heritage of hip, innovative, insider-cool, and with the summertime crush of partygoers. Our dance bottle was guaranteed to get attention, and it did. But at first glance, club goers didn’t always understand that the flashing lights were responsive, like a real equalizer. When the base beat was consistent—boom, boom, boom—they assumed the lights were flashing randomly. But when the chorus came on and the beat changed— the realization hit that this SKYY bottle was something totally different. Eyes lit up, smiles spread, and sales increased. Bartenders could magnify the effect by lining up multiple SKYY ELECTRIFYY bottles next to each other on shelf, so the sight of the equalizer bars moving in sync to the club’s rhythm was repeated over and over and over.

Viceroy also designed giant 3-liter versions for key retail accounts that could be plugged into the wall, increasing visibility and delight in the brand even further. All in all, by turning a bottle into a music-fueled centerpiece, Viceroy provided a new level of brand enlightenment and engagement, one that fit SKYY’s individual personality, reinforced its distinctive image and made a powerful statement that didn’t miss a beat.