Client company Patrón Spirits partnered with Viceroy to create another luxurious Value Added Pack (VAP) for the 2014 Holiday Season. Patrón discovered that their barrel-aged Patrón Añejo is in fact a delicious alternative to whiskey or bourbon in the classic 1950s-era cocktails. This fact aligned well with a growing mixology trend.

As we consulted with the client, we identified two cocktails that would be elevated with the addition of Añejo–the ‘Manhattan’ and the ’Old Fashioned.’ These two classic drinks bring to mind strong imagery of the mid-century modern aesthetic, which became the design direction for the project.

We decided upon a pair of ‘coupe’ glasses to include in the pack. This elegantly silhouetted glass, although designed in the 17th Century, experienced a resurgent popularity during the mid 20th Century (our design focus). The shape is also a traditionally appropriate glassware choice for these cocktails. In designing VAPs, Viceroy Creative has a holistic approach–we design the Value to be more than surface deep. Viceroy recognized that within this project there was an opportunity to discover a new and great bitters brand and bring this to a massive audience.

Bitters is pungent liquor required in the making of the Manhattan and Old Fashioned. Although the majority of people buy the mass-market option, there are many small batch bitters producers that craft a seriously superior product to that found on supermarket shelves. Quality of ingredients is the most important component of mixology. This was an opportunity to share something wonderful with Patrón’s customers. As Viceroy began the search for the best craft bitters, we realized the difficulty of finding a producer to accommodate the quality and especially the quantity we required.

One brand stood out in product quality and brand potential: Dashfire. The product is artisanal, hand crafted and beautifully packaged. The product was great, but the production that we needed would be ten times more than their average annual output. Any brand in the craft bitters segment would have been unfamiliar with such a high production quantity. Viceroy CEO David Moritz needed to work closely with the owner to scale up production reliably and timely. After identifying the great product, the next, and equally important, concern for us was to make sure that production could actually happen. Part of what we did here was not only to find the best product but also to make sure that the brand partner would be able to meet our client’s needs and our own high standards.

After securing the components, Viceroy brought them together with an eye-catching package. The pack has rounded corners, minimalist detailing and masculine patterns as a nod to mid-century modern style. The exterior is wrapped in a luxurious, wood grain textured paper, while the interior of the case is lined in leather-textured paper. Gold foil is used for the font and graphics throughout. Printed on the reverse of the pack are the classic cocktail recipes for the Patrón Añejo Manhattan and Old Fashioned.

The Patrón Añejo Classic Cocktail pack encouraged customers to experiment with using Añejo in cocktails and provided them with some of the best tools to do so. The response was exceptional, and the limited edition pack was swept off store shelves instantly in Holiday 2014. Additionally, for the sleek design, on-point trend and superior quality, the pack received rave reviews from press and on social media. The Viceroy Creative team is also proud to have played a part in bringing the Dashfire product from the local level to a national audience.