MTV launched the Movie Awards in 1992. This awards show circuit latecomer was overshadowed for many years by the industry “big dogs.” After a decade of tenacity, top-billed hosts and increasing popularity, MTV had earned proper respect for the Movie Awards. By 2008, the show’s brand had achieved a level of esteem that surpassed its old branding. MTV wanted to create a more professional image to align with the show’s increased prestige.

Viceroy created custom graphics to brand the show. These graphics included a humanoid figure with an MTV popcorn bucket head to maintain a level of playfulness–a signature of the show. A swooping custom font for the show’s title was used to create a clean look without looking too straight-laced. Viceroy then applied these new graphics across the show’s collateral, including banners, backdrops, tickets, credentials, envelopes, digital and even on the popcorn bucket trophy wrap. Viceroy’s approach champions consistency of (beautiful) branding–exactly what MTV needed to elevate the show and brand.

MTV returned to Viceroy with a special project for their Video Music Awards (VMAs). MTV asked Viceroy to find a way to really surprise nominees with their announcement–something unexpected that they would get in the mail, something that would make them laugh. To that end, Viceroy designed the MTV Moontini–an acrylic martini glass on a black lacquer pedestal with the iconic MTV Moonman hanging out inside as the martini olive. The mini Moonman even has a toothpick through his head to add to the playful look. Each Moontini arrived to the nominee in a presentation box and with a nomination announcement on the black lacquered base: CONGRATULATIONS: YOU’VE BEEN NOMINATED FOR AN MTV VMA AWARD!

The Movie Awards rebranding and VMA Moontini each managed to build excitement and prepare guests and nominees for a bona fide award show.