The CLIO Awards is one of the most recognized advertising, design, digital and communications competitions in the world. They review thousands of entries from the top brands and agencies each year to select the best, boundary pushing creativity. An annual gala in NYC marks the announcement of the year’s creative winners, who are presented with an iconic CLIO statuette. Each year, the CLIO’s select a single brand that has been elevated to icon status, a permanent fixture in popular culture, to award as the CLIO Brand Icon at the annual gala.

For 2013, the CLIOs selected The Coca-Cola Company as the recipient of the Brand Icon Award for their continuous and exceptional creative execution over the years. To honor the iconic brand, they asked Viceroy Creative to design and produce a single special CLIO statuette. The brief: Design a piece of history that maintains the integrity of the CLIO statuette, while making it also unmistakably Coca-Cola.

After determining the best design direction to be custom painting the CLIO statuette, we knew we needed something artistic. For inspiration, we looked to the core Coca-Cola brand attributes and aesthetics. What is most relevant and identifiable to consumers old and new? What is it about the company’s simple style that keeps the brand current and iconic, that would also work as elegant, refined sculpture?

Our conclusion: the ribbon. We selected the Coca-Cola ribbon as the iconic element to integrate into the award design. To maintain the sleek appeal of the CLIO statuette, we changed the color to a glossy metallic Coca-Cola red, incorporating a white ribbon as the primary focus. Through 3D-renderings, we were able to show the client the allure of the design and graceful flow of the iconic ribbon as it wrapped around the entire statue. Following design approval, we worked directly with Society Awards, the official award manufacturer of the CLIO Award statuettes, to produce the one-of-a-kind statue.

The final statuette was presented by the CLIO’s to Coca-Cola and accepted by Pio Schunker, Head of Integrated Marketing Communications, at the 54th annual CLIO Awards ceremony held at the Museum of Natural History in NYC on May 15, 2013.