The client, a couple from Moscow, came to Viceroy with a very unique project. The wife, Eugenie, spent her childhood in Southern France. During this time, she grew a deep love of the bouchon–a type of traditional French restaurant. The bouchon is distinguished from other French restaurants by its warm, inviting character and Lyonnaise cuisine. Eugenie had fallen in love with the bouchon’s effortless style and communal atmosphere. She longed to bring this favorite piece of her childhood to her new home of Moscow and share the unique expression of French cuisine with her community. The heart of a bouchon is in the subtleties–exquisite foods and environment that are at once both familiar to guests of any nationality and true to the French traditions.

The clients were a well-traveled and trendy couple, but this would be their first foray into commercial design or branding. They needed a full-service agency to bring the vision to life with flawless execution and attention to detail. Enter Viceroy. We utilized an extensive background in luxury and wide breadth in branding, sourcing and implementation to create a tight, consistent and beautiful brand: Bouchon Moscow.

Bouchon Moscow would fly in the face of the stodgy, uptight French restaurants already present in Moscow by offering a fresh, modern and inviting dining experience. We were conscience to maintain ‘French upscale’ without allowing designs to take on too serious a bend. We worked hard to achieve the inviting aspect integral to a genuine bouchon and designed the brand with wit, whimsy, and humor. To achieve this we focused on a conceptual style of “pastoral chic, with cheeky details”

Viceroy designed the scripty, custom font for the logo. A number of cheeky animal illustrations and filigree-inspired graphics were designed as part of the brand identity. After completing the brand identity, Viceroy set about design implementation. Viceroy worked with the culinary team to create a stunning collection of menus, which included dinner, drinks, wine, brunch and children’s menus. We even designed the staff uniforms to best suit the new setting.

Although the client employed an interior architect, Viceroy was a vital consultant in the design of the restaurant’s interior. Casual elegance would be key to connecting with customers. We advised on the finishes, decor, artwork and fixtures that would be most cohesive with the newly created brand.

The main dining area has a long and gently curved wall lined with recessed floor-to-ceiling windows. On the walls opposite the windows, mirrors hang to further pull natural light into the room. Crisp white textile is used in the modern window coverings and classic table linens. The walls are covered in a bright, textured white grass cloth to enhance the outside light during the day and give a satisfying, homey glow at dinner service. A contemporary, brown ombré tiled floor and dark painted ceiling balance the light by providing grounding points. To add to the pastoral and playful atmosphere, we envisioned murals depicting beautiful women among horses, monkeys and butterflies with copy used as design overlay. Eugenie located and secured a local Muscovite artist to bring this to life in the restaurant. The furniture is made up of familiar, yet stylish pieces–espresso-stained, bentwood chairs with fan backs, supple tufted leather benches, bronze accents and carrara marble table tops. Lighting comes from warm-glowing glass sconces and shallow-drum overhead fixtures. The overall effect is a sense of intimacy without feeling small or oppressive.

To complement this new restaurant, Viceroy designed the brand and collateral of a casual-concept bar called ‘Cork.’ The adjacent wine bar was designed with a more masculine look than the restaurant and is the purview of husband, Denis. A fresh, upscale atmosphere accented with wood and chic Americana style sets the mood for joyous communal conversation.

The ultimate goal was to create something intimate and special to share with the community. Bouchon Moscow marks the beginning of an exceptional brand in league with the trendiest upscale restaurant brands. The exceptional execution is even more remarkable when you consider that, from the start of the project to the opening of the restaurant and bar, was a span of a mere six months.